Summer Program


During each summer, Upward Bound offers an immersive, six-week residential program designed to give participants a taste of “college life.” The residential component takes place on the campus of UVA-Wise and is designed to simulate a college experience. Students attend “classes” in actual college classrooms, reside in campus residence halls, eat meals in the cafeteria, and are given access to other facilities on campus, such as the library and recreational facilities. The summer component offers instruction in college-preparatory courses and supplement classes, the goal being to improve proficiency in the subject matter while motivating students toward future success. Students are placed in summer classes based on which classes they will be taking in the ensuing school year, as well as their performance during the preceding academic year. These courses include mathematics through calculus; laboratory sciences (biology, chemistry and physics); foreign languages – Spanish and French; and English composition and literature. Elective instruction is offered in areas such as photojournalism, culinary arts, forensics, and computer programming. The summer program also aims to cultivate professional aspirations within students through career exploration, work study opportunities, community service, and personal development workshops. Additionally, students are treated to a wide variety of cultural activities and recreational programs to keep them active and motivated. The summer program culminates in a trip to reward the students’ hard work and attendance.

 Some of the highlights of past summers include:

  • UB Fit Club
  • Movies
  • Swimming/Gym Time
  • UB Olympics
  • VA/KY District Fair
  • Barter Theater
  • Mystery Theater
  • Cooper's Gem Mine
  • Bowling
  • Visit from Southeast KY Community College Upward Bound Program
  • Appalachian Caverns
  • Fun Expedition
  • Thunder Valley Dragway
  • Karaoke