Understanding Stipends

Upward Bound students earn a stipend for their participation in the program. All stipends are issued twice per school year at the end of each semester and are issued in the form of a check made out to the participant. Students must be considered currently enrolled at the time stipends are issued in order to receive their stipend check.
Earning Stipends
Each student is eligible to receive a maximum participation stipend of $40 each month which will be given out as a lump sum stipend at the end of each semester if they:
1. attend the On-site tutorial for that month,
      2. complete TWO in-school contacts with Upward Bound staff during school
NOTE : If a student misses an opportunity to sign-in during a UB school visit, they may still earn their stipend in other ways pending approval by the UB Director. Some examples may include attenting a UB-sponsored tutoring session held at his/her school, meeting with a college coach at their school, or performing community service.