Upward Bound Application

 The Upward Bound Application Process

Applicant submits ALL required information:

Here's a step-by-step description of how the UB application process works:

1.    The UB office receives your COMPLETE application (use the checklist seen below to make sure you have everything).

2.    You meet with a  UB staff member to conduct a student interview; we can usually do this when we visit your school during lunch time.

3.    All application materials are reviewed to determine your eligibility.

4.    The UB staff has a meeting with you and at least one parent/guardian at the UB office.

5.    You will receive an admission decision in the mail or during a UB school visit.


 Application Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, we must receive ALL of the following:

  • Completed application   
     Upward Bound Application

  • Income verification (if required)

  • Applicants must also provide the following:

    1. Current transcripts (Ask your guidance office for them)

    2. Updated SOL score report (Ask your guidance office for them)

    3. Authorization to Obtain Education Records Form (see link below)

    4. Teacher Recommendation Form (see link below)

    5. Guidance Counselor Recommendation Form (see link below)

    LINK TO FORMS MENTIONED ABOVE: Upward Bound Application Forms

    You can submit any documentation to UB at upwardbound@uvawise.edu, OR by giving it to your guidance office, OR just keep an eye out for UB representatives in your school's cafeteria during lunch (we're there at least twice per month).

    WHAT COMES NEXT? We'll contact you to let you know what else we need to process your application. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!